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The German Resistance Memorial Center

is a site of remembrance, political studies, active learning, documentation, and research. An extensive permanent exhibition, a series of temporary special exhibitions, events, and a range of publications document and illustrate resistance to National Socialism. The center's goal is to show how individual persons and groups took action against the National Socialist dictatorship from 1933 to 1945 and made use of what freedom of action they had.

Topic 1: Resistance against National Socialism
Topic 9: Stauffenberg and the Assassination Attempt of July 20, 1944
Topic 7: Georg Elser and the Assassination Attempt of November 8, 1939
Topic 13: Resistance by Young People

Please note

We are very pleased to announce that the German Resistance Memorial Center is open again.

To protect our visitors and staff, please follow the required distancing and hygiene rules. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed access to the German Resistance Memorial center at one time. A medical mask or an FFP2 mask must be worn over mouth and nose.

All information on visiting the memorial center is available at Visit.

We look forward to your visit and thank you for your understanding.

Special Exhibition

October 8, 2021, to January 9, 2022

Jewish Self-Reliance, Resistance and the Hachshara Movement
An exhibition by Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik e.V. in cooperation with the German Resistance Memorial Center

Information on the exhibition

Online Seminars

Due to the current COVID-19 infection rate, no seminars or guided tours can take place in the German Resistance Memorial Center until further notice. As an alternative, we are happy to offer online seminars. Please write to bildung[at] if you would like to find out more or book an online seminar for your group. Further information is available here ...

Video tour of the permanent exhibition

"Resistance against National Socialism"

This virtual tour takes you through all 18 topics of the permanent exhibition, informing you about the history of individuals and groups in the resistance against National Socialism. Using selected examples, we aim to give you an impression of their wide range of motives, goals, and activities.

To the exhibition tour ...