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The German Resistance Memorial Center offers seminars for various types of groups. The range is aimed at school students from the age of 14, university students, army personnel groups, multipliers, and all other interested groups of young people and adults. We recommend that participants have some previous knowledge of National Socialism before attending a seminar.

All seminars include a guided tour of selected parts of the German Resistance Memorial Center's permanent exhibition. Based on the participants' previous knowledge and interests, this tour presents the breadth and variety of the resistance against National Socialism using suitable examples.

Following the exhibition tour, the participants form small groups to take an in-depth look at certain aspects of resistance against National Socialism. The focus is always on the question of how people exerted resistance against the National Socialist dictatorship, what motives and goals they had, and what they planned for the time after National Socialism. In a joint evaluation, the participants subsequently present their findings and reflect on the seminar.

Seminar formats

Two different seminar formats are possible:

Seminar format “Tour with exhibition exploration,” 3 hours

Following a brief introductory round, the seminar starts with a joint tour of selected parts of the permanent exhibition. Based on the participants’ previous knowledge and interests, the conditions and forms of resistance against National Socialism are presented and discussed during the tour. After a break, the participants form small groups to explore various exhibition topics of their own accord. This section varies depending on the selected focal points. The participants then present their findings to the rest of the group in the exhibition. A brief concluding discussion brings the seminar to an end. Changes to the seminar format are possible.

Seminar format “Multiplier seminar,” 3 hours

In this seminar format, we aim to present the German Resistance Memorial Center as a place of learning to teachers and other multipliers. A key element is familiarizing participants with the permanent exhibition and its accompanying material, as well as the seminar program and the various German Resistance Memorial Center online resources. Examples of particular interest to young people are presented and discussed. The seminar also offers an opportunity to talk about experiences with lesson units on resistance against National Socialism.

For all seminar formats, you can select one to two focal topics, which are worked on in greater detail during the session.

Focal topics for seminars

For all seminar formats, you can choose one or two of the following topics as focal points for the session:

  • The Nazi Dictatorship and its Opponents (seminar without special focus)
  • Defending the Republic
  • Resistance from the Workers' Movement
  • Resistance out of Christian Faith
  • Resistance by Artists and Intellectuals
  • Georg Elser and the Assassination Attempt of November 8, 1939
  • Paths Leading to July 20, 1944
  • Stauffenberg and the Assassination Attempt of July 20, 1944
  • The Kreisau Circle
  • Resistance by Young People
  • The Red Orchestra
  • The White Rose
  • Exile and Resistance
  • Resistance by Jews
  • Resistance by Sinti and Roma
  • Resistance during Wartime Life
  • Resistance in Berlin
  • Resistance by Women

More information on the specific topics is available here

Please register at least six to eight weeks before the requested date, using our online registration form.


The three-hour seminar formats are available in German and English. For requests for seminars in French, Spanish, Italian, Polish or Turkish, please contact us via E-mail: bildung(at)


We are happy to advise you by telephone or email, and provide suggestions for focus topics, biographies, and methods suitable for the respective group.

Advice on seminar content:
E-mail:  bildung(at)
Fon: +49-0-30 26 99 50 18