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October 1943 - the Fate of the Jews from Denmark

On the night between October 1 and 2, 1943 the German occupying forces in Denmark organized a raid to capture and deport the Jews in Denmark. More than 7,000 men, women, and children had to go into hiding.

Up to that point, the policy of cooperation between the Danish government and the German occupiers had protected the Jewish community in Denmark from deportation to the Nazi extermination camps, where more than six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

Many Danes reacted quickly and got together to organize risky boat rescue operations, taking their Jewish compatriots to safety in Sweden. The vast majority of Jews from Denmark were rescued, but almost 500 of them were caught or denounced by collaborators, and deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto.

The exhibition "October 1943 - the Fate of the Jews from Denmark" tells this story. Designed as a travelling exhibition in the form of a refugee boat, it presents Jewish life in Denmark, makes a range of voices heard, and gives a powerful description of the rescue operation in October 1943. It was conceived by the Danish journalist Simon Kratholm Ankjærgaard and the German historian Dr. Christian Schölzel and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Royal Danish Embassy Berlin.

The exhibition will be on display in the special exhibition space on our 1st floor from March 26 to May 12, 2024.

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