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Information on Barrier-Free Access

Please note

The elevator is out of order due to maintenance work on January 31 and February 1, 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Access to the commemorative courtyard

Access to the commemorative courtyard may be difficult for some wheelchair users due to cobblestones.

Access to the exhibitions and administration
The permanent exhibition is on the second floor, while a variety of special exhibitions and the administration offices are located on the first floor. Both are accessed via the main entrance in the commemorative courtyard. This entrance is suitable for wheelchair users via a ramp and automatic doors, which open outwards.
The elevator is also suitable for wheelchair users, with a clearance width of 88 cm and an inside depth of 130 cm.

Access to the library
The library is on the ground floor. The entrance is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchair users. Please contact us in advance to arrange for assistance.

The permanent exhibition and the special exhibitions are barrier-free.
The exhibition tables in the permanent exhibition are at roll-under height.
All electronic media content is available via roll-under media stations.

Guides and assistance in the permanent exhibition

  • Free video guide in German Sign Language
  • Free audio guide in seven languages
  • Media stations with in-depth videos in German Sign Language
  • Topic catalog for the exhibition in Simple German

A barrier-free WC is available in the permanent exhibition area on the second floor.

Parking spaces
The German Resistance Memorial Center does not have its own parking spaces. There are parking meters on Stauffenbergstraße and the adjacent Sigismundstraße.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.
Tel: +49-30-26 99 50 00
Email: sekretariat(at)