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Judith Auer

September 19, 1905 - October 27, 1944
Judith Auer Judith Auer 

Judith Vallentin, the daughter of the communist writer Erich Vallentin, was born in Zurich in 1905. She joined the Communist Youth Federation (KJVD) as a student, taking over the organization of a KJVD group in Berlin-Wedding in 1925. She joined the KPD in 1927. From the 1930s on, Judith Auer worked as a buyer at the Berlin cable factory Kabelwerk Oberspree. She collected news and helped persecuted Communists. In 1942/43, she joined the resistance organization around Anton Saefkow, offering Franz Jacob a hiding place after he fled from Hamburg. She made several courier trips to central Germany and forged links with Theodor Neubauer’s resistance group. Judith Auer was arrested on July 7, 1944, sentenced to death on September 6, 1944, and murdered in Berlin-Plötzensee on October 27, 1944.

4 Resistance from the Workers’ Movement