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Ernst Golgowski

December 03, 1915 - October 18, 2012
Ernst Golgowski Ernst Golgowski 

As early as 1933, Ernst Golgowski was the leader of an oppositional group of worker’s sports activists in the Wedding district of Berlin, and produced an underground magazine. The Gestapo arrested members of his group at the end of 1933. Golgowski was sentenced to three and a half years in a penitentiary and sent to Luckau penitentiary, later to Börgermoor prison camp. He was forced to join one of the 999th Division’s “probation units” in the winter of 1942, but was captured by US soldiers only a few months later. Golgowski kept a diary in prisoner-of-war camp, recording the vehement conflicts between opponents of the Nazis and supporters of the regime.