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The Descent into Darkness. The Year 1938

An exhibition by the Permanent Conference for Directors of National Socialist Memorial Sites in the Berlin Area

The exhibition broaches the issue of 1938, which marked a culmination in the violence and terror that had accompanied the National Socialist regime since its beginnings in 1933. With the "Anschluss" (annexation) of Austria in March 1938 and the carve-up of Czechoslovakia from that autumn, Nazi Germany began to destroy the borders established as a result of the First World War. "Operation Workshy" during the summer, the expulsion of thousands of Polish Jews in October and the state-organised violence on and around 9 November 1938 heralded a new phase in the National Socialist policy against Jews and anyone not belonging to the "Volksgemeinschaft" (national community). The German invasion of Poland on 1 September of the following year triggered the outbreak of World War Two.

The exhibition is on display at the German Resistance Memorial Center in hall 2B on the second floor until October 31, 2018.

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