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Hilde Ephraim

April 01, 1905 - 20. 09.1940
Hilde Ephraim Hilde Ephraim 

After the arrest of Stefan Szendes in 1935, Hilde Ephraim, a welfare worker, was active in the Berlin organization of the Socialist Workers Party (SAP), as assistant first to Franz Huber, later to Herbert Heerklotz. The remaining ca. 200 SAP members were organized in groups of three or five and hardly knew each other. Only one member of each group was allowed to have contact to the next level. Meetings were used for exchange of information and experience, preparing help for persecuted people and their families or care of released prisoners. Through her contacts to Jewish relief organizations, Hilde Ephraim also supported people in danger. In the spring of 1936 she was arrested and severely maltreated during interrogation by Gestapo officers. On June 25, 1937 the People’s Court sentenced her to four years in a penitentiary, which she served in Lübeck and Amberg (Bavaria). Hilde Ephraim was murdered by Gas in the extermination camp Hartheim castle near Linz on September 20, 1940.

4 Resistance from the Workers’ Movement