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Freya Gräfin von Moltke

March 29, 1911 - January 01, 2010
Freya Gräfin von Moltke Freya Gräfin von Moltke 

Freya Deichmann was the youngest child of the banker Carl Theodor Deichmann and his wife Ada. She and her two brothers grew up in Cologne. Freya Deichmann completed her schooling in 1930, going on to study law and gaining a doctorate in Berlin in 1935. In 1929 she met Helmuth James Graf von Moltke, and the couple married two years later. They had two children. Freya von Moltke supported the resistance network co-founded by her husband in 1940. Known as the Kreisau Circle, it was made up of women and men from a range of social classes and with di‑ering basic convictions. She took part in secret meetings where the circle discussed restructuring plans for a democratic Germany after the end of National Socialism. Helmuth von Moltke was arrested in January 1944. Freya von Moltke tried to secure his release, unsuccessfully. He was sentenced to death by the "People's Court" on January 11, 1945, and murdered in Berlin-Plötzensee on January 23, 1945. The Gestapo did not become aware of Freya von Moltke's work in the resistance group. She was active for the cause of German-Polish reconciliation after 1945.

12 The Kreisau Circle