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Eva-Maria Buch

January 31, 1921 - August 05, 1943
Eva-Maria Buch Eva-Maria Buch 

Eva-Maria Buch grew up in a Catholic family in Berlin. When the St. Ursula convent school was closed in May 1939, she left school without qualifications. She trained as an interpreter and began teaching languages at the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Berlin University in 1940. While helping out at a used bookstore, she met the former journalist Wilhelm Guddorf. He was working as a bookseller’s assistant after several years in concentration camps. Deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, Eva-Maria Buch supported Guddorf in his resistance activities and also translated individual Red Orchestra leaflets. After the first arrests in the fall of 1942, she helped Guddorf to remain in Berlin illegally. Eva-Maria Buch was arrested at her parents’ home on October 10, 1942. She continued to try to cover for her partner Wilhelm Guddorf, who was also arrested by the Gestapo a few days later. Eva-Maria Buch was sentenced to death by the Reich Court Martial on February 3, 1943, and murdered in Berlin-Plötzensee on August 5, 1943.

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