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Cora Berliner

January 23, 1890 - 1942
Cora Berliner Cora Berliner 

Cora Berliner studied mathematics, political science, and law in Berlin and Heidelberg and gained her doctorate in 1916. She was employed by the Schöneberg borough administration until 1919, also working as a department head and later managing director and chair of the board of the “Federation of Jewish Youth Associations” in Heidelberg. She joined the civil service for the Reich Economics Ministry, becoming a councilor and manager in the Reich Economics Office in 1923. In 1927 she went to London as an advisor in the economics department of the German embassy, and in 1930 she became a professor of economics at the Institute for Vocational Education in Berlin. She was dismissed from the civil service in 1933 and went on to work for the Reich Deputation of German Jews / Reich Association of Jews in Germany, including as head of the emigration department. As the vice-chairwoman of the Jewish Women’s Association, she was particularly concerned with women and girls’ emigration. Cora Berliner supported the foundation of the Jewish Seminar for Kindergarten Teachers, Jewish welfare structures, and the vocational interests of women working in the care sector. On June 24 or 26, 1942, she was deported in the “punishment transport,” presumably to Minsk in Belarus, and murdered in Maly Trostinets twelve kilometers outside the city.

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