Walter Klingenbeck

March 30, 1924 - August 05, 1943
Walter Klingenbeck Walter Klingenbeck 

Born in Munich, Walter Klingenbeck was a member of the Catholic Youth Congregation until 1936 and listened regularly to foreign news on the radio. In 1941 he formed a group of young Catholics opposed to National Socialism who wrote leaflets together calling for the overthrow of the regime. In the summer of 1941 they set up a small radio station and broadcasted oppositional news. Walter Klingenbeck was arrested on January 26, 1942, sentenced to death by the People’s Court on September 24, 1942 and murdered on August 5, 1943 in Munich-Stadelheim. The death sentences of his friends Daniel von Recklinghausen and Hans Haberl were repealed a few days after the judgment and revoked to eight years’ imprisonment in a penitentiary. Immediately before he was murdered, Walter Klingenbeck wrote to Hans Haberl, “I have just heard about your reprieve. Congratulations. But my appeal has been rejected. Ergo, I’m doomed. Don’t take it too badly. You have got off. That’s worth a lot anyway. I have just received the sacrament and am quite composed. If you want to do anything for me, say the Lord’s Prayer a few times. Farewell.”