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Audiovideoguide Red Orchestra

More than 150 opponents of Hitler belonged to the resistance-network Red Orchestra. Their backgrounds and world views were highly diverse. In its center were the couples Libertas and Harro Schulze-Boysen and Mildred and Arvid Harnack. Together they discussed political and artistic issues, they helped persecuted people and documented violent Nazi crimes. In their leaflets they called the population to resist. They were in contact with other resistance groups, with forced laborers and with representatives of the American and Soviet embassies in Berlin.

The Audiovideoguide tells their story. The Spanish Musician Felix v. Harnack and the German actor Kolja Unger, descendants of the fourth generation, take the users on this tour. They lead them through the Tiergarten park (Garden of Beasts) where resistance fighters frequently met, then through Wilhelmstraße, the former center of Nazi power and stop in front of the former torture-basements at Topography of Terror.

The audiovideoguide is composed of testimonies by resistance fighters that are read by their descendants. Time fluctuates: A large part of the guide takes place in today's reality, surrounded by the park's ambience. Simultaneously and at the same locations users experience events on their screens that took place 75 years ago. Their reality is emotionally enhanced through musical compositions based on sounds that were sampled at the locations.

An art project by Stefan Roloff in cooperation with the German Resistance Memorial Center.

Music: Xirc le cinX.

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

Available in German, English and Spanish.

Length: 60 - 70 minutes

You can download the Audiovideoguide Red Orchestra via the following QR code (file size approx. 670 MB). The tour starts at the entrance to the Tiergarten at the corner of Tiergartenstraße and Stauffenbergstraße.