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Hilde Meisel (Hilda Monte)

July 31, 1914 - April 18, 1945
Hilde Meisel (Hilda Monte) Hilde Meisel (Hilda Monte) 

Hilde Meisel grew up in a middle-class Jewish family and joined the International Socialist Combat League (ISK) at the age of fifteen. She lived in exile in London from 1933 on, and attempted to make contact with opponents of National Socialism and help persecuted people to escape. She made several journeys to Germany using documents in the name of Hilda Monte, transporting news, books, and letters. She wrote poems and novellas portraying the "other Germany." In 1941 she made a failed attempt, closely coordinated with the British secret service, to re-enter Germany from Portugal. In 1944 Hilde Meisel was in Switzerland and made contact with Austrian resistance groups. She was shot dead by a customs officer while returning to Switzerland from Austria in the spring of 1945.