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Heinz Günther Joachim

December 13, 1919 - August 18, 1942
Heinz Günther Joachim Heinz Günther Joachim 

Heinz Joachim, who studied clarinet at Berlin’s Jewish Holländer Music School until 1941, was the focal point of a circle of friends that included his later wife Marianne Prager and Lothar Salinger. In the summer of 1940 Joachim made friends with Siegbert Rotholz from the Zionist youth movement. During their forced labor in the 133rd department of the Siemens electromotor works in Berlin-Spandau—the “Jewish department” made up of some 500 workers—he met Herbert Baum and he and his circle joined Baum’s group. Joachim organized a duplicating machine to produce flyers and was involved in the arson attack on the anti-Soviet propaganda exhibition “The Soviet Paradise” in Berlin’s Lustgarten on May 18, 1942. According to Gestapo documents, he was arrested on June 9, 1942, according to other sources as early as May 22, 1942. The Berlin Special Court sentenced him to death. Heinz Joachim was murdered in Berlin-Plötzensee on August 18, 1942.