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Elisabeth Schumacher

April 28, 1904 - December 22, 1942
Elisabeth Schumacher Elisabeth Schumacher 

Elisabeth Hohenemser grew up in Strasbourg and Meinigen. She attended an applied arts school in Offenbach, Hesse, and then trained as a graphic designer in Berlin. She worked freelance for the German Labor Protection Museum in Berlin. She married the sculptor Kurt Schumacher in 1934, and the two of them took part in the discussions and campaigns organized by the Red Orchestra resistance circle formed around Harro Schulze-Boysen. In 1939 she supported the persecuted activist Rudolf Bergtel. In 1941 she helped Jewish relatives at risk of deportation. Also in 1941, a representative of the Soviet embassy gave her a radio code and cash, which she passed on to members of the resistance circle. In the summer of 1942 she took in the agent Albert Hößler, parachuted in from Moscow. After the discovery of the Red Orchestra resistance network, Elisabeth Schumacher was arrested on September 12, 1942, and sentenced to death by the Reich Court Martial for "preparation for high treason, aiding the enemy, and espionage" on December 19, 1942. She was murdered in Berlin-Plötzensee on December 22, 1942.

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