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The permanent exhibition "Resistance against National Socialism" documents with over 1,000 photographs and documents in 18 topics the entire broad and varied spectrum of the fight against and opposition to National Socialism.

  1. Resistance against National Socialism
  2. Defending the Republic
  3. National Socialism
  4. Resistance from the Workers' Movement
  5. Resistance out of Christian Faith
  6. Resistance by Artists and Intellectuals
  7. Georg Elser and the Assassination Attempt of November 8, 1939
  8. Paths leading to July 20, 1944
  9. Stauffenberg and the Assassination Attempt of July 20, 1944
  10. Aims of the Attempted Coup
  11. The Attempted Coup of July 20, 1944
  12. The Kreisau Circle
  13. Resistance by Young People
  14. The Red Orchestra
  15. The White Rose
  16. Exile and Resistance
  17. Resistance by Jews
    Resistance by Sinti and Roma
  18. Resistance during Wartime Life

More information on the specific topics is available here